Gorgeous German Police Officer Is Internet Sensation (15 Images)

Would you believe if we tell you that there are many men in Germany who would like to get arrested even though they have not committed any crime or broken any law? It is hard to believe, but it is the truth that many young men from East Germany want to get arrested. The reason behind their willingness to get arrested is a female cop with a stunning body and beautiful face. This senior police office is quite famous for her photos on Instagram and she has many followers who are waiting to get arrested by her.

Good Cop, Bad Cop


Yes, both these images are of the same woman and she is a police officer in East Germany. People may find it hard to believe that this beautiful woman with a toned and sculpted body like a model is a cop who works in domestic violence cases in East Germany. She not only works hard for her amazingly hot body but also posts many photos of herself on social media.