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These Cameramen Captured More Than Expected (36 Images)

Be Aware of The Bear The man looks real happy as he has caught a very big fish while fishing and he is busy enjoying his victory. Meanwhile, the bear has smelled the fish and is ready for his meal. The man is not aware that soon he is not only going to lose his […]

15 Girls That Had Too Much To Drink (15 Images)

People drink for various reasons, for celebrating something, or for enjoyment or to forget something painful. However, it is very important to drink only that much which you can handle without embarrassing yourself and your friends and family. Nowadays women are also drinking in a similar manner like their male counterparts, but they tend to […]

11 Celebs That Were Arrested For Shoplifting (10 Images)

You know here and there it is quite recently so hard for us to understand that why on the planet do these superstars do such imbecilic things! I mean they have the financial balances and the lives we had always wanted yet at the same time, they do an irregular poo! Farrah Fawcett Indeed, out […]

13 Secrets Flight Attendants Never Tell You (13 Images)

You might be habitual of listening to a long list of instructions by the flight attendants before taking off. But you will be shocked to know that many surprising facts are there that you will love to know about flights and airplanes which are not told you ever by the flight attendants. Here is the […]

15 Catwalk Fails – Shots Of Models Caught Mid fall (15 Images)

Watching charming and confident models in the fashion show is something you won’t like to miss but what if we talk about showing you some surprising and hilarious pictures of those models who couldn’t maintain their balance on the ramp and fell down. Well, some of the entertaining poses of top models’ mid-falls are here. […]