9 Mailboxes That’ll Leave You Scratching Your Head (1 Images)

A few people are conceived with the inventive bone and can think of some truly cool thoughts. Look at these 19 photographs of the most innovative letter boxes you’ll presumably ever find in your life. The people who thought of these mystical spots to put mail must be unfathomably peculiar. We like eccentric.

Lassoing Up Some Mail

In case you’re an admirer of the Wild West, you’re presumably bad-to-the-bone pining for this cowhand letter box at the present time.

Cattle Rustler’s need a place to keep their mail, as well.

Turtle Time

Either this mortgage holder truly adores the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or he’s quite recently inclined toward creatures who wear shells.

Nothing amiss with keeping your mail in a monstrous cap shell.

Boney Mailbox

It’s protected to state that this chiropractor nailed it. His letter drop is a useful gadget, as well as promotes his business. Virtuoso!

This letter box certainly has a spine.

Convenient Mailbox

Does your letter box require a little lift? Place it in a goliath’s hand.

Huge hands make superb letter drop holders.

R2D2 USPS Mailbox

Clearly, somebody at the mail station was endeavoring to liven up the tedium of the day. We’d be glad to hurl our letters into this awesome space-age post box.

Putting your mail, in this case, is a galactic ordeal.

Splendidly Manicured Mailbox

This letter drop obviously comprehends the significance of keeping up one’s appearance. Look at those dashing red nails!

There’s nothing amiss with an in vogue letter drop.

Modern Mailbox

In the event that the Terminator had a post box, this would be it.

Smooth, blue, and somewhat wrong.

Cyclist Mailbox

This is an exceptionally cool post box. In the event that you appreciate riding a bicycle, consider introducing one like this before your home. That is if its all the same to you putting your mail in a status butt.

Slouched over and prepared for a unique conveyance.

Kitty Mailbox

In case you’re somewhat of a cat-lady, this post box is up to your back road. Finish with hairs and a tail, this cat propelled box is murmur fact.

The feline is the attendant of the mail.

Scooby Snacks Mailbox

This letter drop joins the best of the two universes: Scooby Doo and Pez. Connect with your adolescence and introduce this case.

Summon sentimentality with a Scooby Doo/Pez letter drop.

Volkswagen Mailbox

This post box is totally great. Who wouldn’t have any desire to have their mail conveyed to a Volkswagon?

Vroom, vroom! Mail’s here!

Barrel Box

This post box would make the ideal present for the brew sweetheart in your life.

Where’s the mail? Outside getting alcoholic.

Dolphin Mailbox

With the goal that’s what happened to Flipper! He surrendered his profession as a TV sensation to wind up noticeably a post box.

This letter box may not be scared, but rather it beyond any doubt is adorable.

Bass Box

Energetic anglers wherever are thoroughly burrowing this nautical letter box. Simply leave the mail in the fish’s mouth.

Presently you know why a few people’s mail dependably possess an aroma similar to angle.

Boston Terrier Mailbox

What a hefty looking little fella! This letter box is certain to dissolve the core of any puppy sweetheart.

Charming and innovative doggy letter drop.

Another Fish Mailbox

We are absolutely cherishing these fishy letter drops. They look so exact!

Leave the mail inside the fish, and keep in mind to put the wave to.

Alright, One More…

This letter box is not just a fish, it’s a fish riding a wave. Marvelous!

This letter box wouldn’t fret being in the rain by any means.

Vintage Car Mailbox

This letter box is astonishing and totally catches the pith of kickass autos from yesteryear.

Any exemplary auto buff would welcome this letter box, no doubt.