15 Girls That Had Too Much To Drink (15 Images)

People drink for various reasons, for celebrating something, or for enjoyment or to forget something painful. However, it is very important to drink only that much which you can handle without embarrassing yourself and your friends and family. Nowadays women are also drinking in a similar manner like their male counterparts, but they tend to forget that being drunk can be more dangerous for a woman than a man as a woman can be harmed in more ways and she may have to suffer more. Drinking alcohol is not the problem here, drinking beyond the reasonable limit is problematic for anyone.

Upside Down Parking

This image clearly shows that the woman has had too much to drink and she was not able to handle it. If you take a look at the number of empty bottles inside as well as outside her car, then you can get worried as there are too many bottles for just one woman. We just hope that she did not drink from all of them as it can be very dangerous for her. If the worst thing that happened was the upside down, then she was very lucky.