15 Amazing Women Who Actually Exist In The World (25 Images)

The world is full of wonders and wonderful people. A personality of some women may amuse you greatly while others can surprise you. Here are top 25 women of the world whose personality will make you think whether they really exist in this world.

1. The Muscle Barbie

Julia Vins is a fitness fanatic and a powerlifter, at the young age of just 20. She belongs to a port city of Engels on Russia’s Volga River and has now become a role model to thousands of girls. The incredible powerlifting body and stunning face of this super-strong bodybuilder have gained her almost 330,000 Instagram followers. She participated in the World Powerlifting Congress, where she squatted 215kg, bench pressed 120kg and managed 190kg on the deadlift. Her beautiful face and a masculine body have landed her the title of ‘Muscle Barbie’ and number of modeling jobs for video games. When asked she said that she trains every day of the week without taking a break.