12 Insane Human Conditions (12 Images)

Many peoples in the world are there to just take their normal body for granted and thinking of getting different kind of eye and hair shade or whiter complexion a bit of more height and all. But we can bet you that after watching the weird medical conditions mentioned here will end up shocking you. After watching this, you will thank to God that you have a normal body. Just think about the condition of a man who will have to customize her every shirt for accommodating the third arm or have to learn walking with 6 limbs.Check out the most insane medical conditions you couldn’t have imagine about –

Nose On The Forehead

This man doesn’t have his nose on the forehead from the birth but he undergone severe damage to his nose during a car accident. As doctors were unable to repair his nose, they are growing a replacement on his forehead. This is an example of revolutionary surgical reconstructive technique that causes psychological discomfort for the patient for a few months. Later, the patient also understands things and allows the facial feature to repair.